Linz09 To Go: Great Gift Ideas!

Opening Linz09 Infocenter
Copyright: Dietmar Tollerian

A momentous year like 2009 calls for great mementos—best of all, ones that dovetail nicely with everyday life: T-shirts and baseball caps, pens and erasers, baby bibs and rubber ducks, and much, much more. It’s all on sale—and priced to move—at the Linz09 Infocenter.

With its unmistakable red-and-white-check design, the Linz09 Infocenter has been a highly conspicuous standout on Hauptplatz since late ‘08. The end of the year also means curtains for the Capital of Culture year’s information bureau and retail outlet. In view of that, all Linz09 merchandise has been marked down by a whopping 30%. So anyone still in need of Christmas gifts with local flair should definitely stop by the Linz09 Infocenter. The inventory includes—as long as supplies last—little keepsakes that make great stocking stuffers, the year's top-selling items and a selection of Linz09’s superb publications—for example, “Die Bilder,” the lavishly illustrated commemorate album released at the end of November.

Gift Shop in the Linz09 Infocenter
Hauptplatz 5, 4020 Linz
Monday thru Friday, 9 AM-6 PM
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 10 AM-6 PM