Thinking Long and Hard about Life

What you really need

What’s really necessary in life? A tough question to be sure. Medien Kultur Haus Wels’ “What you really need” project gives this some serious thought for a few weeks.

From early March to the end of April, the MKH–Media Culture House Wels morphs into a giant think tank and production site. In ateliers and labs, at workshops and programs designed to impart knowledge and mediate encounters, participants will work out what’s really indispensable. They’ll also open up a radio studio, a shop and an Infopoint, operate a canteen, and conceive exhibitions. The upshot: a truly extraordinary situation that will definitely be conducive to shifting points of view and a consideration of the essentials.

What you really need
Opening in Linz: March 3, 2009, 8 PM, Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen, Obere Donaulände 11, 4020 Linz
Opening in Wels: March 5, 2009, 8 PM, MKH Wels, Pollheimerstr. 17, 4600 Wels

Opening hours in MKH Wels: Wed 12 Noon-6 PM, Thu-Fri 12 Noon-12 Midnight, Sun 10 AM-4 PM


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