Volunteers Sought for Klangwolke 2009

Copyright: Roger Titley

A deluge is approaching Linz in the form of a Klangwolke (“cloud of sound” concert) and its going to take lots of creative, talented volunteers to make this spectacle a smash hit. Now, you too can pitch in and be part of one of the 2009 Capital of Culture’s highlights!

WANTED: members of sports clubs and dance groups, people who like to do arts & crafts, and those who are agile and quick on their feet. Senior citizens’ groups and school classes are cordially invited too to volunteer their services for Klangwolke 2009. The big event is set for Saturday, September 5. This year's theme: The Flood. Fantastic musical creatures will be careening through town to the amazement of onlookers!
Under the direction of Roger Titley and Linz Art University students, volunteers will be involved in constructing the animals and then escorting them on their way through Linz on the day of the Klangwolke.

To volunteer or to inquire about it, please send an e-mail to klangwolke@linz09.at


Details about the project